Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Parsun outboard on Porta Bote trial.

Saturday 2nd of November.

On Saturday I took my 10' Gen IV Porta Bote out on North Pine river with my son in law Lee.
I had the 5.8 hp Parsun outboard set to the third hole and it performed quite well.
We were able to attain a speed of 16 kph  (10 mph, 8.6 knots)  with the two of us on board according to my GPS.
We tried the fourth hole on the motor but we were unable to go above 12 kph.
The second hole allowed the outboard to hit the back of the bote and therefore was not an option.
This is different to when I was by myself.
When I was by myself, the bote performed better with the outboard set to the 4th hole however I experienced cavitation when the bote was lightly loaded.. In the third hole, I couldn't get as much speed out of it.
So it appears that conditions dictate the best trim for the motor.
Parsun is a Chinese motor but I am very impressed by it.
It is 95% compatible with the Mercury/Tohatsu outboards.
Has anyone else had experience with the Parsun outboard?
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