Alpha series Updates

Alpha series update.

It's been a long time coming but Sandy has finally delivered a true picture of the Alpha series Portabote.

Sandy was unable to tell me the source of this picture.
He says that the outboard is probably between a 4.8hp and a 6hp.
It appears to be a 10' bote.

In the past they seem to be very reluctant to give any information about their bote which makes it very difficult to promote.
Hopefully things are changing in this regard.
Recent talk on the forum revealed that it still has a flexing transom despite Sandy's claim that it is rock solid.
Sandy's claim now is that it is both rock solid, and flexible.
The flexing transom means that the outboard must be set on the third hole otherwise the outboard will still hit the back of the boat and make steering difficult and possibly cause damage to the bote itself.
Other posts in the forum say that while this overcomes the problem of steering difficulties, performance is reduced.

Recently Sandy stated that the Portabote was never designed as a speed boat, but rather as a safe vessel for both fishing and boating.

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