Monday, 31 March 2014

Quickboat - Can it be rowed?

Recently I was sent a question in regards to the rowing capability of the Quickboat as compared to the Porta Bote.
IS it suitable for outboard only?
The answer is No.

Quickboat has just developed its soon to be released rowing system for their boat.

The oarlocks clip securely to the ergonomically designed gunwale.
I can only speak about the rowing capability of my 10' Porta Bote and while it can be rowed I would not say that it is an ideal situation for rowing.
There is a fair bit of flex in the patented "Flexi Hull" of the Portabote which in my opinion makes rowing less efficient.
Recently on the Porta Bote forum the discussion came up on the rowing capabilities of the Porta Bote.
It was interesting to see some of the comments of other Porta Bote owners.
Here are just a couple of recent comments:

"Like Ralph I too find rowing facing forward from the rear seat of my 8 foot PB works better for me. Plus you can see where you are going. Capt. Mike On Saturday, March 15, 2014 10:38 AM,"

" Ralph Bosse wrote: Bluzbi I use the original oars and locks on my PB. Granted when rowing I do so from the stern seat. Rowed facing forward proves to better position the PB for casting while fishing. That's my take. Ralph...
Mike Mar 16"

Personally I would prefer a more rigid hull with no flex when it comes to rowing.
I'm keen to see the design that Quickboats have come up with.
When pictures become available, I'll post them.