Saturday, 10 October 2015

Rippled Alpha seats and transom "L" bolt improvement.

The case of the rippling seats.

My friend Paul from the Floating Log recently posted a request to Sandy from PortaBote in regard to the rippled seats that he is experiencing.

So far no response but hopefully Paul will receive a reply, either privately or through the forum soon.
It appears that the seats have rippled perhaps due to heat from the sun which is something that should not happen.
It has been suggested previously by Sandy that Paul had placed something heavy on those seats which resulted in the ripples.
This is something that Paul has not done so the ripples remain a mystery.


Paul has been in touch with Portabote and Sandy has referred Paul to the local distributer in Singapore for him to decide the best plan of action.

(8th of April 2016)
It is great to hear that PortaBote have agreed to replace Paul's seats free of charge.

"L" bolt improvement.

Paul also came up with a brilliant idea in regard to the 'L" bolts used to keep the transom locked into position.
He was experiencing a problem with the "L" bolts in that the nuts work loose with the vibration of the outboard and then he noticed the thrust bolt on his outboard motor, the one used to set the position of the outboard in regards to the transom, the trim of the outboard.

He decided to drill a slightly larger hole beside the existing holes in his transom brackets to accommodate the pin from his outboard motor.

The result?
A perfect fit!
This seems to be a good solution to the loose nut problem and is a lot quicker to install.
Well done Paul.
Hopefully Portabote will take this on board.