Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Alpha Series continued.....

Well, it's been 5 days since my last post regarding the 10' 2004 Gen IV picture.
Out of that post came some good results.

  1. Some good discussion in the Porta Bote forum as a result of my blog. 
  2. Sandy confirmed that there will be more "improvements" to the new Alpha series over the coming months.
  3. People buying the new Alpha Series Bote today are aware that they will not be buying the best that will be available.
  4. Sandy assured present buyers that the new improvements can be retrofitted to existing Alpha Series Porta-Botes - I am hoping that the new upgrade will be a new improved transom, which has been an issue for me from the beginning. This "upgrade" will be available in 3 to 4 months.(Sandy says it is held on by 8 bolts. He also says that many of upgrades are not that obvious so I don't no how these can be retrofitted.)
  5. One lucky prospective customer was told by Sandy that he will receive the new upgrade free of charge should he choose to buy the new Alpha Series on Friday. There was no talk in regards to the 1800+ people that Sandy says have bought the new Alpha Series receiving the same offer.
  6. Sandy has offered to produce a "Real" picture of the Alpha Series Bote. (Not really a big deal but man that 10' bote could move!). 
  7. Along with the improvements to the Alpha Series Botes will come a 5% increase in cost.(This is not so good either, but at least we know about it in advance.)
  8. Positive feedback from the Porta Bote forum on my blog. There was one negative comment, but you get that.
  9. A really good response from one Ozzie that opted to buy a second hand Porta Bote over either the new Alpha series or the Quickboat. His story and the reasons for his choice make excellent reading. Very practical. (I am hoping that he will paste a copy of that story in the comments section of this post). 
If you have chosen a Porta Bote or a Quickboat, feel free to leave comments as to the thinking behind your decision.  Click on the comment button below


  1. Please feel free to comment on your experience with either a Porta Bote or a Quick Boat.

  2. Hi Matt,
    I am new to this group and think your blog is very good. I live in Oz and recently purchased a 2003 12' Porta Bote that is in very good condition for Aus$1350. (I found buying a good used Porta Bote in Australia hard to find) I was seriously looking at buying a Quick boat. I have been for a ride in the Quick boat and I must say it moves very well and looks great. Then why didn't I buy a Quick boat? Well, I have owned many boats and also built a couple of boats in the last 45 years and now heading into retirement, I want something that is easy to use and can fit on the side of my caravan or on my Prado roof rack and be ready to use at any time with little effort. I have done a lot of research into folding boats, but I must admit the question of longevity raises it's head, with the folding and unfolding. So I have decided to give the used Porta Bote a try and at $1350, compared to the new price of either the Porta Bote or Quick Boat, I don't have a lot to lose if I find it unacceptable. If I was buying a new folding boat I think I would have still gone with the Porta Boat, it is a little cheaper, but the Porta Bote has been around for many years and is still going, whereas the Quick Boat has yet to prove itself. Who knows, if I'm still boating in 5 years and the Quick Boat turns out to be the worlds best, then I would probably re consider.
    One comment I will make about Porta Botes, is that there is that many variations of seats and transoms around. The Porta Bote I have just purchased, is a Gen 1V, the previous owners purchased it new in 2003 and had it shipped out to Australia. It arrived with marine ply seats and marine ply transom, with now floatation on seats or transom, just the bare varnished wood, however, the supports under the seats are very strong and are welded tubular aluminium. The seats and transom are still in very good condition and with a light sand and varnish, they'll last for quite a few more years, but the oars supplied were bulky wood oars, although they do come apart to fit under the seats.
    All in all, I'm looking forward to using it this summer with my Mercury 6hp four stroke and I'll give everyone a pros and cons feedback on my experience.
    Look forward to reading your ongoing blog Matt,

  3. Thanks Ian for your comment.
    It's always interesting to hear why people make the decision that they do.
    I'm sure you will enjoy your Porta Bote.
    I'm keen to hear how your 6hp 4 stroke performs.
    You may have to play around with the trim angle for best performance on the Porta Bote.
    Thanks again.
    Good to hear from you.

  4. dont buy the 14' alpha1 portabote - downright dangerous.

    I bought it new

    Sandy was aware of my concerns of the bow folding up and over when moving and getting on a plane

    I received a set of pins to secure the transom....

    if anyone can advise how that is supposed to help I would be happy to hear just how the 2 are related.

    I have a 14' portabote for sale
    (durable as hell, albeit dangerous underway)

    and a Quick boat I will definitely keep