Sunday, 19 April 2015

Folding transom update

Unfortunately, Paul's transom motor mount repair was unsuccessful.
He is going to try again and see if he can repair it himself.

There is now a third report concerning the Alpha series folding transom from a new owner.
This is what he had to say:
"I was setting up my 12 foot Alpha in the garage this morning. I bought the boat in December 2014 and have set it up three times. Well I had the same thing happen to me, the motor mount just fell off! I haven't even had the thing in the water yet and this happens? The rivets just pulled out. I also notice that some of the other rivets holding the folding transom together appear to be very loose. Extremely disappointed."

Sandy's response to the problem was quite good however.

He stated the following:

"We will now have a team of quality control people examine the transoms still in the factory (both the ones that have been installed and the ones on the assembly line). An inconvenience no owner should need to experience.
Thanks again for letting us know. You are appreciated."

Sandy Kaye
Porta-Bote International

Problems may happen at any time in manufacturing. That is to be expected.

What also is important is how these problems are addressed.

Sandy has done quite well in looking into how this issue can be fixed.
Portbote offered to pay freight both ways to these  Portabote owners.


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