Thursday, 14 May 2015

Quickoat maximum speed and reviews.

Here is an interesting review on the Quickboat that I came across.

Quite good information but there are a couple of things that I don't agree with in this review.
The first is probably subjective as beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
In that review they state that the Quickboat is "Perhaps not the prettiest 'dory' around town."

I actually like the design of the Quickboat and in my opinion it is a modern, smart looking craft.

The second thing that I don't agree with can be seen under the "Engineering" section of the review.

Under that section they state that, due to its design, the faster you go, the more rigid the hull becomes.

That may have been a personal observation on their part, but to be sure I did as I do and went to the manufacturer of the Quickboat for confirmation.

I sent an email to Deryck Graham and this was his reply:

Hello Matt

Two people on board at say 70kg each with 9.8hp sees the Quickboat capable of 22 knots.  At this speed it hits the limit of the prop pitch.

The Quickboat is high tech but I have to admit it does not morph into a more rigid boat than it already is at speed. :-)

Kind Regards

Deryck Graham
Managing Director

That is what I like about Quickboats.
They are upfront and their dealings have always been honest with me.
There is no feeling of being competitive with the opposition and never an unkind word against them.
Their mantra has always been that there is room enough for all in the world of folding boats.

Quite impressive speed I think for a foldng boat.

22knots equates to 40kph or 25mph.
Absolutely brilliant!

Tight lines and screamimg reels,


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