Tuesday, 9 June 2015

If it were not for those inflatables that are constantly cracking and tearing,.......

Well, it's come up again from Portabote bagging inflatable boats with claims that they are constantly cracking and tearing.
I pointed out to Sandy Kaye via a private email that if it were not for those inflatables that he keeps on bagging, Portabote would be in trouble due to the tearing of the bladder on a Portabote.
I have never heard on the forum about inflatables constantly tearing and in fact there have been quite a few mentions over the years of Portabotes requiring the said tape to repair the bladder, etc.

Sandy's reply to me was that almost 70% of Portabotes sold have been to ex-inflatable owners.

I personally find that difficult to fathom as one would think that you would get shouted down by the many ex-inflatable owners on the forum when you suggest that the statement from Sandy is a gross exaggeration.

I have not been shouted down.

I know a few inflatable owners and they definitely do not agree with Sandy's comments about inflatable boats.

If you are wondering, the product that Sandy mentions is made by Eternabond and is also available in Australia. Sandy recommends the Roofseal Plus from Eternabond's product range.

I'd like to also point out that in his latest post on the forum, Sandy refrained from bagging the inflatable boat but instead mentioned that the tape is also used for RV and caravan repairs. :)


  1. My porta boate bladder has started to crack down the centre line of the bladder.. Going to give tear aid a try,, if that fails then I'll try eturnabond

  2. Thanks for the heads-up Jayson.
    Please lket me know how you go and if it was successful for you.
    I have never had the need to use the stuff.
    hope all goes well.

  3. I'm a raftig guide in both Australia & NZ. Be more than happy to give a Portaboate a go on the Franklin or Nymboida Rivers. I'm sure there are a few lifesavers that would give one a go in the surf too. Portabote should putup or shutup. Generally all boats do well at one specific task & are a compromise at every thing else. Portaboate's are portable that's it every thing else they are capable of can be matched or bettered by other designs of boats.

  4. Thanks anaon,

    I agree with what you say.
    In fact on many ocasions i have said it's a matter of "Horses for courses" in that it depends on what a person is after in their boat.
    Whether that be portability or speed, flexibility or rigidity.
    Fortunately also I haven't heard Portabote bagging inflatables lately which is also a good thing.

    As a rafting guide, can you tell me of your experience in regard to tearing or puncturing of inflatables?

    I should imagine that it is not an everyday occurrence.

    Thanks again for your input.