Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Quick Boat Update

I just received an email from Deryck Graham of Quickboats and he informed me of the following:

“ Quick boats are at present looking to start production again, hopefully later this year, as they have sold out of present stock.

They too now have several patents in various countries, including the US, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, China, and Europe."

They are still receiving a constant stream of enquiries (close to 6,000), so interest has not waned.

There are many differences between the Quick Boat and the Porta bote and while a number of the patents on the Portabote have ended (You can now by a "Folding Boat" on the Chinese Alibaba site), the remaining patents do not affect the radical design of the Quick Boat.
So be patient and soon you will be able to buy the Australian Quick Boat.

UPDATE: (28/05/16)

I was just informed by Deryck  from Quickboats that they are in discussion with a very large manufacturing company at the moment.
Hopefully production will resume soon.


  1. Wow the alibaba version is cheap and i am sure its engineered no worse than the original

    I have the original portabote Alpha1 14'

    and I have the Quickboat

    absolutely no comparison as a boat - driving the portabote is like driving an old thong with an outboard, fine when its not moving but dangerous when it is, and you dont need to worry about abusing it

    the quickboat is simply fantastic!

    happy to share details

    1. Hi Ant8,
      Thanks for your comment.
      It is greatly appreciated.
      Owning both, a Portabote Alpha Series and a Quickboat places you in a unique position.

      Would you be able to offer some more information on what you like about both boats?

      Thanks again,

  2. Hi,

    The Chinese version is for the old genesis model. we have patents on the new Alpha model worldwide inclusing China. Also, the plastic they are using does not contain a UV filter as we tested.

    The new Alpha series is, of course much improved as there is no need to install or remove a transom (takes up a lot of space.

  3. Thanks for the clarification Sandy.

    I was aware that the Alibaba version is the Gen IV version but my point was that the patent for the Gen IV design must have expired for them to be able to sell it legally, not the fact that it is similar to the Gen IV.

    I also noticed from the pictures of the Alibaba version that there does not appear to be the floatation foam which I believe is instrumental in providing the positive buoyancy of the Porta Bote but the bumpers, which appear to be detachable, are a nice touch.

    While I am aware of changes with the Alpha series, centre of buoyancy, etc., the only obvious change to the Portabote is the folding transom, which is a brilliant innovation, so any patents for the Alpha series, I believe, would have no affect on other boats, such as the Quickboat which do not use that system.

    According to the Alibaba site, there is UV protection provided in the plastic.
    The plastic, according to them is supplied from the U.S.

    Can you tell me if the transom brace is available for the folding transom yet or if not, will it be available soon?

    Thanks again.

  4. I would be very interested in the Quickboat but I don't know if they are out of production or what but I have emailed them and so far no response. I am in the U.S. and so maybe they don't have any imported here? It seems almost everything about the Quickboat on the internet is at least two years old. Are they still in business? Should I wait before buying a Porta Boat in hopes that the Quickboat is going to be available here soon or should I just get a Porta Boat and go fishing? Any thoughts or insight?



  5. Hi Steve,
    Thanks for dropping by.
    I have emailed Deryck from Quickboats and am waiting for an update.
    As soon as I know I will post what I find on my blog.

  6. Hello Matthew, I'm as Steve Catts, waitting for any information about the quickboat new production. But I think they are having problem. We will be waitting some news from your blog.
    Best Regards Andoni from Spain (Europe)

  7. Hello Andoni,
    Thank you for your interest and comments.
    I have sent an email off to Quick Boats to see if they have any further information that I can share.
    Once I receive a reply, I will post it in my blog.

    Kind Regards,

  8. I heard from a source quickboat is looking to sell the business or recapitalizing is that true?

  9. Hi Anon,
    That is correct.
    Both James and Deryck will notify me when something develops.
    Thank you for your comments.
    Kind Regrds,

  10. I am also interested in a Quick Boat but getting no information is a problem
    Do I go for a porta bota, or wait

  11. follow up question
    If I buy a second hand quick boat how hard is it to repair it if needed or would it be a white elephant
    Quick Boats do not seam to have any repairers listed Greg

  12. Hi Greg,
    Sorry for the late reply. I've just done 2 stints in hospital.
    As to your first question "......should I wait?"
    That call is yours but it has been quite some time since they have sold a Quick Boat and they haven't as yet been able to give me any indication as to when they will be available.

    As to your second question "How hard are Quick Boats to repair?"

    If they were made of fibre glass that would be a different story, but they're not.
    I'll send an email off to Deryck and ask him the question.
    I'll let you know his response.


    1. I would be interested too as quickboat haven't been too keen on answering me because I bought it second hand...

    2. Thanks Matt, With no real service /maintenance offered it could be a white elephant
      Also with the length of time for the company to start production again, makes you wonder how long they will operate before it goes of the market again, with no guarantee's offered for repairs
      At least Porta Bote have operated for a long time

    3. Hi Greg,
      I have also received word that someone is interested in buying Quick Boats and I should have more information in January as to whether or not the sale went through.
      Will keep you posted.

  13. Thank you for your comment.
    Can you tell me, does your second hand Quickboat need repairs?
    If so, what issues are you facing?
    Kind Regards,

    1. Thanks Matt, I hope you recovered fully by the way !

      One of the kevlar fastener that holds the bow cap popped out. I contacted them to ask the proper glue but didn't get anything so I used a sikaflex 291 will try it out this week.

      Also one of the blue pointy caps at the bow fall but I haven't contacted them to ask if they had replacement as they had yet to answer my previous e-mails... at this point I am thinking of 3D printing the part myself...

      I also have some dent I would like to fill at the bottom but not sure what's the best material and the paint code to make it look nice again.

    2. Thanks again for your information.
      I have sent an email off to Deryck in regards to both your questions and that of Greg above.
      I specifically mentioned your issues and hopefully Deryck can make some suggestions.

      Thanks again,

  14. Hi Anon,
    I received a reply from Deryck and he suggested that you contact Eric Metrott in regards to repairs.
    His company is able to repair the Quick Boat if necessary but an email to him may be beneficial.
    His email address is
    Hope this helps.
    Kind Regards,