Friday, 11 October 2013

Parsun 5.8hp Outboard

Last week I bought a Parsun 5.8hp 2 stroke outboard for my 10' Porta Bote and I was pleased with its performance.
Kindly provided by Island Inflatables 
Previously I was using a 4hp 2 stroke Mariner and if I sat on the middle seat, I was able to get up on the plane and do 20kph (12.4 mph, 10.8 knots) according to my GPS when alone in the bote.
I wasn't able to get out onto the water until Sunday to try out my new motor.
With the Parsun 5.8hp, 2 stroke, I was able to get up on the plane without sitting on the middle seat and I was able to travel at 22 kph (13.7 mph, 11.9 knots).
The 5.8hp outboard has an integral ( 2.7 Litre) tank plus connections for an external tank.
I noticed a fairly big improvement between the 4hp and the 5.8
Also provided by Island Inflatables
Apparently, the Parsun is 95% compatible with Mercury/Tohatsu according to the dealer.
Parsun Outboards are distributed and sold by Island Inflatables in NSW and sold in Queensland by TMC Outboards
They are now sold through BCF stores Australia wide as well.

I am very impressed with my Parsun Outboard.

I believe that any issues I have experienced have been due to the flexibility of the Portabote.

Has anyone else tried these Parsun Outboards?

I'd like some feed back if you have so please feel free to post a comment.


  1. Thanks for sharing your experience about Parsun 5.8hp Outboard. Parsun Outboards is a brand new range of outboard on the market. We sell the entire range of Parsun Outboard Motors online at

  2. You're welcome Matthew.
    I quite like the Parsun outboards.
    Mine does quite well on my 10' Bote.

  3. Hi Matthew.
    I see it has been over 3 years now since your post.
    How has your Parsun 5.8 hp performed? Do you get to use often?
    I am interested in purchasing one for my 2.4m Finn Spindrift weighing 50kg. Do you think it will have enough power as my Yamaha 4hp 2 stroke is not able to get it planing.
    Thank you

  4. Hi Eddy,
    Sorry for the late reply but I wanted to make sure of my facts before saying anything.
    First of all, I am very happy with my Parsun 5.8hp.
    It does get my 10' Portabote up on the plain whereby my 4hp needed a tailwind and a downhill slope :)
    As I am not familiar with your 2.4m Finn Spindrift, I rang Parsun myself and posed the question.

    Their response was that there are no guarantees with any single cylinder outboard as to whether your boat will plane as there are many variables to be considered (load, current, headwind, number of people, etc).
    All I can really say is from my own experience with my 10' bote, mine does plane with both myself and my son in law aboard.

    I was able to borrow a couple of different sized outboards before I bought my Parsun to get an idea as to the size that I required.

    Hope this is of some help.

  5. Hi Matthew
    Appreciate your reply and efforts made. I also have come to the conclusion, that the only way to really know is test a few outboards on my boat to see which is capable of the job required.

    BCF had a sale over the weekend with 20% off so I was very tempted however, from personal experience I have always stuck with Yamaha and Mercury, obviously more recognised brands, for resale purposes and the fact I have a 4 or 6 year old child with me and realibilty is my highest priority.

    Sounds like the Parsun 5.8hp would do the job as I put my engine on the same boat as yours and had it planing. The owners Mariner 4hp was struggling.

    Happy boating!