Monday, 7 October 2013

Porta Bote and Quickboat-Warranty


Below is the information I was able to obtain on warranty for both the Porta Bote and the Quickboat.

Warranty is something else that should be considered when making any purchase.

Porta Bote

When purchasing a Porta Bote you will be given a warranty card (At least I was).
This card states that there is a 10 Year limited warranty on the hull of the Porta Bote, which is prorated.
This is what Sandy Kaye, CEO of Porta Bote had to say on the Porta Bote forum:

"As you may know, most boat manufacturers have a *prorata* limited warranty for 2 or 3 years at the most.
One or two high priced boats carry a 5 year limited  prorata warranty. After that, it's the owner's problem.
We have a 10 year limited warranty. It is also a *prorata* warranty.
It's stated on the warranty that each owner receives.
If something happens that is covered under warranty during the first year, then we pay 90%.

During the second year, we pay 80% etc.

As you are probably aware, most Porta-Botes go on and on.
Our dealer gave Pete a new boat based on the terms of the warranty time used. He was fairly charged according to the terms of the warranty"

It is also pertinent to note that it is the owner's responsibility to pay freight to and from Porta-Bote or their representative, depending on where you live.


Quickboats have a 3 year warranty on their boat.
It is not prorated. That is it is a 100% replacement or repair for parts and labour for the 3 year period.
There is an option of purchasing a 2 year warranty extension for $200.00 which will take the warranty period up to 5 years.
This warranty is available for normal, private use only.
It is mandatory that, should you need to make a claim, a photo be sent to Quickboats so that they can determine the best way to approach the problem. Whether that be to ship the boat back to Quickboats or elsewhere for the repair, depending on the problem.

Quickboats expect that they will cover the cost of freight both ways should a genuine claim be made.


  1. I would choose the Quickboats. The porta bote 10 year warranty covers only the hull and not the seats and transom.

    I've tried both the quickboats and the porta-bote. The QB is simply better designed. The achilles heel of the porta bote are the seat pins and metal seat stands that have a tendency to bend or come off .

    1. Thank you Gordon for your comment.
      I am inclined to agree.
      Also there is much that is not known about the new Alpha series Bote and Sandy does not seem willing to divulge much at all.
      He did offer up some old pictures of the Porta Bote but not the Alpha series. To me that is old news and not really worthy of publication.
      There was some discussion recently on warranty for the Porta Bote forum but Sandy has been quiet on the topic.
      Interestingly though, since the introduction of the Alpha series Sandy seems more inclined to fault the Gen IV series in favour of the Alpha.